Step 1 First Meeting
  (Work Stage 0 and  1)

An initial meeting can be arranged with our project architect at your property. We will assist you with initial project briefing on site and help proceed to the next stage. This first session will usually take a few hours up to half a day based on your demand and availability.

  • Appraisal: According to our rich experience in the field, we understand that every property is special. It is important that we have an initial assessment at the property, so our project architect can offer bespoke advises based on your demands and budget. We will assess any soil, structural or statutory conditions associated with the property.        
  • Proposed Drafts: Basing on the first meeting, we will propose a range of design options through drawings according to your demands.
  • Cost Estimates: We offer a fixed price for service of Planning Application submission to the local authority (please see Step 2 for further details); should you require services covering Step 3 and 4, we are happy to issue a price quotation after discussing and agreeing with your anticipated budget and scope of works.
  • Project Programme: A project management timeline will be also issued to you, this programme will explain all the payment schedules, sequence and duration of each working stage from concept design to construction until project completion.

Step 2- Planning Application

 (Work Stage 2 and 3)

Once you are decided and happy to forward with us, we can discuss together on further details of the project that will benefit quality designs for your property and a successful planning application. In assisting you with easier access to our proposed design concepts, we will communicate with you through drawings, material samples and imageries that are straightforward to understand and to comment upon.

  • Appointment: After we are appointed as your project architect, we will assemble a professional team to assist with the design process depending on the scale and type of the project.

  • Survey: In order to provide you an accurate set of drawings and design, we require a precise survey of the property and site condition. We offer surveying service at a fixed price, this will normally take up to half a day to finish.

  • Concept Design: Initial drafts will now be evolving into a full drawing package prepared for the Planning Application. We will advise you with the best options to maximize your design outcome while taking considerations of the existing policies and regulations. Pre-Planning meetings will be arranged with the local authority. This is to secure your application approval within the range of our best effort.

  • Cost Information: As the design is maturing and solidifying before the final submission to the planning authority, we are able to provide a cost report to outline a   comprehensive list for all items involved in the project so decisions and amendments can be made.
  • Planning Application: Based on your comments on our design and feedbacks from the Pre-Planning meeting, a final application package will be prepared and submitted to the local authority for assessment. Please be prepared for 8 weeks of public consultation time as the authority will need to discuss your application with neighbours and other stakeholders of the project for a decision.
  • Other Consents: There are circumstances when additional statutory consents are required for a successful application dependent on each project, eg. Listed Building consent, Freeholder consent for leasehold properties or Highways approval. 

Step 3 - Developed Design
(Work Stage 4)

Once an approval is granted for your intended property development from the local planning authority, we will then progress together to a set of detailed design for your property through in-depth technical designs and scheduling of works. A comprehensive building package can be provided at this stage so you can be ready to go ahead with construction works.
  • Technical Designs: Once the application is given green light, we will proceed to preparation of detailed drawing packages that will cover all architectural, structural and building services information, specialist subcontractor design and specifications.
  • Building Control Package: We will prepare this mandatory package for a certified Building Control inspector to award an approved certificate upon the completion of building. The package will include detailed drawings and notes of proposed design complying with building regulations.
  • Party Wall Issues: We will appoint a party wall surveyor on your behalf to issue appropriate party wall notices to concerned persons, according to agreed detailed drawings.
  • Interior Design: We offer full range of interior designs upon your desire, covering from interior to exterior bespoke requirements.
  • Contract Documents: We will choose the appropriate project documents for you to inform and confirm schedules, scope of works and responsibilities among the Client, Architect and Contractor.
  • Contractors Involvement: We also provide contracting services upon your appointment to ensure further peace of mind for your important building. Tender documents will be arranged by project contractor after 4 weeks of review and preparation time. The completed tender package will be accompanied by a lumps um price and a total construction time in weeks for your review and agreement.
Step 4 - Construction and Completion
  (Work Stage 5 - 7)

We understand that construction works can be extremely stressful, that why we can offer extra peace of mind by acting as your agent throughout the project among contractors, subcontractors, many other voices of expertise and professional inspectors. Our project architect will attend site visits on a regular basis to ensure every step of your design is progressing correctly. Final checks will be run upon completion of the project. Should there arise any concerns with the finished job, advises will be offered for any rectification or remedial works.
  • Contractor Appointment: After a contracting team is chosen, the project details and building contract will be discussed by all for signatures.
  • Construction Package: A full drawing package for construction will be issued to the contractor for commencement of work on site.
  • Construction Coordination: We will act as your agent in liaising with different expertise involved with the project.
  • On-Site Progress Review: We will attend to the site on a regular basis to make sure your design is being constructed in good quality.
  • Completion and Handover: Upon completion, a Building Control inspector will attend to the completed work and award the project with an approval upon satisfaction. Once this survey is completed, the project is considered as finished and sums is due to the contractor. The final payment should be released upon completion agreement.
  • Delayed Works and Claims: The project contract usually favours the client over contractor in case of delays and loss will be compensated by the contractor. However, there are reasonable circumstances that favour the contractors claims otherwise. Settlements will be made upon contract clauses and progress review of ground works.